Who are Uzeweb?

Python and Django specialists in the UK

Uzeweb is a remote-first consultancy based in the UK. We started in 2000 as a remote-first freelancer collective, looking to help clients achieve cost-effective solutions by using the best tools for the task at hand. We fell in love with Python and Django 15 years ago and have been using it at the heart of our projects ever since.

In that time we have worked with a wide range of clients, combining their domain knowledge with our development experience, and using agile methodologies to build web applications which solve problems.

We continue this approach today, building teams specific to each project by selecting subject matter experts from our network of independent specialists and boutique agencies.

This means we operate with lower overheads than traditional agencies, allowing us to work at competitive rates while only using seasoned professionals with decades of experience - your money goes to develop your project, not to cover our payroll.

Understanding you

We treat our clients as partners in the process, and our team members work directly with you in a transparent and collaborative relationship. This ensures we fully understand your requirements and are able to deliver a solution that truly addresses the challenges you face.

The best solution

We pride ourselves on building great tools and strong relationships, and achieve that through radical transparency. We won't just take your money to tick boxes - we'll make sure you have the information you need to make the best decisions for your business, even if that means talking ourselves out of work.

For the long term

Launching your project is just the first step. We can help you to grow and refine it over time, and can offer a range of options for long-term support and maintenance to ensure its lifespan meets your expectations.