Python and Django experts

Developing for the web for 20 years. Specialists in Python and Django. Experience with hundreds of codebases. We know Django and the web.

Python and Django

We develop software and web applications using Django, a modern but well-established open source application framework. It is used by some of the biggest names on the internet, like Instagram, Google and NASA. It has a strong ecosystem of third party packages to help us rapidly develop and deliver solid, modern, performant, and testable web applications.

Django is written in Python, a language ideally suited to the sort of rapid iteration needed for agile development. Given Python's popularity in the world of data science, Django is also the perfect framework for building production platforms around big data and machine learning projects.

We're Python and Django experts, having worked with both for over 15 years, giving talks at PyCon UK, teaching courses on advanced coding techniques, and delivering countless production solutions for clients.

Frontend and back

We are full-stack developers so can deliver a complete product, be it a traditional multi-page web application with progressive enhancement, a modern single-page app using React or Vue, or a hybrid approach using htmx. We'll help you find the right approach to fit your goals and budget.

We also have experience productionising data pipelines and making big data accessible through slick stylish UIs. We can integrate with third party APIs, build back-end tasks and services for asynchronous operations, and integrate them with the frontend for real-time push notifications and interactivity, including mobile and desktop apps.

We can deploy your project to your choice of infrastructure, from self-hosted services on virtual machines, to Kubernetes clusters using managed services from providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

The right tool

We think Django is great, but we keep on top of industry developments to ensure we're always able to offer the most appropriate solutions. We will recommend the right approach to last the life of your project, not push you into the latest dead-end fad.

We have worked with a wide range of languages, frameworks and platforms - some of the latest include htmx, React, React Native, Vue, TypeScript and Rust.

A wider set of skills

Every project uses something different, so we're always picking up new things, and have a wide network of experts to call upon.

If you're after something specific that you don't see listed here and would like to know about our experience with it, or would like more information about our latest technology choices, please do get in touch.